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Jan 13, 2022
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Hello all,

This may be a dumb question but thought to ask anyway. Could changing the website address on a GBP profile potentially trigger re-verification? I was thinking to UTM tag my client’s site and replace the current one.

Thank you!
It's possible but unlikely. It depends on a bunch of factors but mostly the category that the business is in. Some categories are under more scrutiny from Google.
Usually, GBPs are most sensitive on NAP, and not the website. Google can take issue with a given URL. For example if it goes through multiple redirects or is a frame around a different domain, but I've never seen it clearly trigger a suspension. Google will just remove a URL it doesn't like.

Sometimes Google has an itchy trigger finger in general in the first 2-4 days after validation (especially around core updates), but again, clearly not an issue here.
also you should know that everyone is getting suspended for the smallest changes to their GMP right now. I would hold off making ANY changes to a gmp no matter how small.

I've been holding off creating posts on my clients' profiles today because of the sheer number of profiles that are getting suspended. This is just unbelievable.
More about the increase in suspensions is mentioned in this forum thread

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