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Apr 7, 2021
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A big thank you to the wonderful community here for giving us valuable feedback as we go on this journey. We have got great feedback, some of which we have already added to the extension. Love y'all. Would love to get more feedback.

Now 'GMB Everywhere Chrome Extension' will allow you to audit your competitors posting strategy. See short video demo below.


Our present idea with this is to give the ability for the user to analyze the following information.
  • Get a visual representation of competitors GMB posting timeline.
  • Helps you analyze competitors GMB posting strategy.
  • You can analyze the content of competitors GMB posts.
  • We do audits live. The data you get is the latest, in that hour.
If you have 'GMB Everywhere Chrome Browser Extension' this new feature should automatically show up. Otherwise, you can download the extension from the Chrome Extension store.

Would love to hear your feedback about this new addition :)
I have already used it a few times today. I like the information presented. I would like to see if it is possible to calculate data on the built in CTA usage,
Hi Joey,

Thank you for your suggestion. Ya, this would be an interesting data point that can be useful.

We are definitely looking for interesting data sources which can provide value addition on top of our present audit pages. We will definitely keep this feature in mind, thank you for the suggestion :)


Do the reports have a white label option? The review report is great for some things we are working on... but would want our agency name instead of GMB Everywhere etc.

@cfazio Sorry for the late reply. Had completely missed the notification. At present on our export options on audit pages, we have minimum branding.

When it comes to while labelling, we are at present working on something where user can export the results as CSV. This way, if you you are using any data presentation tool you should be able to display the on the tool. This will greatly help with reporting.
@Joey Abna

Hope you liked our new Teleport feature. We made a soft launch to test user experience before making the final launch.

How did you like the experience? Did you find the feature helpful? Any feedback on how we can improve on the experience?

We should be making our final launch in a couple of weeks. In the final launch we will also be showing all the other 20 business in the location you choose. We should also be adding some minor changes. Working on it :)
@WilliamA Found something else I would like to see added as a feature.


Can you add the "Located in" information to the Basic Audit report?
@WilliamA Found something else I would like to see added as a feature.


Can you add the "Located in" information to the Basic Audit report?

Hi Joey,

Thank you for your feedback. Ya, can see how this can help. Will add this to our backlog for further analysis.

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