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Oct 17, 2018
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So Apple rolled out the new version of Maps Connect (for claiming Apple Maps listings) last week, and I just ran into an issue today with the new Apple Places on Maps that didn't used to be an issue.

Previously, when you claimed a listing on Apple Maps, you could update the phone number on the listing and then claim the listing with phone verification for that new phone number. Now, however, you have to do phone verification on whatever phone number is already listed before you can update the information. This is a huge problem in situations like the one I'm in now where the listing has an old phone number on it, and we cannot do phone verification to that old phone number.

Manual verification is an option, but I'd like to avoid dealing with that if possible because it takes longer and getting a client to answer a quick phone call with a code is worlds easier than getting them to send any documentation over for manual. Is there any other way to claim a listing like this, or is there anything I'm missing? I realize one option also would be to set up a new listing with the new phone number, but then that would still leave the existing listing with the old phone number floating around on Apple Maps which I'd also like to avoid.
@Cordell Crowley, I'd say your other options are:

1. Make sure the Yelp page is claimed and up-to-date, and wait for it to propagate the new data into Apple Maps. (There's no guarantee that will happen, but it usually does.)

2. "Report an issue," AKA public edit, in the Apple Maps app.
Also, try the PiePer extension in Chrome. You will be surprised to see the info it gives on your Google Map listing, including a link to OpenStreet, Apple Maps, and much more.

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