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Jan 29, 2019
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I have a client who acquired a business. The business name will need to change, but the location is also changing. I have access to the "old" GBP (of the business that got acquired). They have great reviews attached to them, but it references the "old" business name. I contacted Google and it looks like changing the business name and address is allowed to the existing profile. The reviews are great and I would hate to lose them. I am thinking that the updated GBP should indicate that the business has new ownership and name. The previous owner now works with the new business. Would it be best practice to update the existing GBP or close this one out and create a new GBP?
You always want to keep the old listing if you can. The reviews are one thing, but the age, trust, and authority of the old listing is another thing that would be a major blow to lose. You'd be starting from scratch with a new listing, and you definitely don't want that.

I'd change the name and address in two different edits, at least one week apart. Changing multiple key pieces of the business info in a single edit can trigger an automatic suspension.

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