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Jun 14, 2017
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It would be great if anyone had any insight.

A client of mine has had an upholstery business for 14 years. He had about 150 reviews which he depended on to bring in business. A couple of weeks ago his listing was suspended for no reason that he could see, then reinstated. It was this one (which is blank - see below)-Google Maps

Everything was fine. Then it was taken down again and since he needed a map listing, he created a new one as he thought there is no hope in getting the original back. This is it-Absolute Upholstery · 50 Relugas Pl, Edinburgh EH9 2PY, United Kingdom

He already has 3 new reviews but he needs all the reviews over 14 years back as they had customer photos etc and really powered his business.

Then the original listing reappeared and he had two listings. So he asked for them to be merged.

And what has happened is that the original one disappeared completely now including all the reviews yet some of the photos from the original listing has been migrated - but not the reviews.

I've posted this on the community forum for GMB but no response so far. Does anyone know what else we can do to see if this is a technical issue with merging?

Thanks very much.
It looks like that post isn't published. This happens sometimes due to a Spam mechanism at the forum.

What you should do 1st though is contact gmb support directly. Have you done that? Sign in - Google Accounts
Yes, a few times but they come back saying nothing is wrong and it is mostly automated replies. Except there is in that all his old reviews are gone. The same type of situation happened to my own listing although it wasn't a merge and it was a technical issue with the reviews. There was nothing wrong with them. As is the case on this one. GMB support also said that nothing was wrong in my case but there was a technical issue which was resolved.

So that is why I went to the forum on GMB. Can I get it published somehow?
If the post isn't live after 48 hours I would try to create a new one. Maybe try with a different email.
They started rolling this delayed post feature out a few months ago. I totally agree, it can be super frustrating.
make a new post, make this post as absolutely simple as possible - try not including phone number, address, email, etc. - create a google doc and have all of the particulars you have been posting so far (the same one that has been removed) and provide a link to the google doc on your new post - then you can share the new post's URL with Colan - I've had exactly the same issue as you... you can see the post - but no one else can after you post it - try my suggestion

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