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Mar 18, 2014
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Hi experts! One of our clients bought 4 office locations that were previously owned by another business. We will have access to all 4 gmb listings from the previous owner.

We want to create a new gmb for each of the 4 locations. The 4 business addresses will be the same as the addresses from the previous owner. Everything else will be different though (logo, name, phone number).

What are the best practices in this situation? Create 4 new gmbs. Then mark the 4 gmbs as “permanently closed”, but won’t that confuse patients and NPs to see the business closed?

Anything else you recommend as best practices?

Since it's a new owner and new business name, it's not a rebrand. The old profiles should be marked closed and you should create new ones.

The old business marked closed may cause some confusion, but I believe it will eventually be removed by Google. If you have a customer list, you should reach out to them to inform them of the change.
In addition, the new owner should be managing these profiles. If Google needs to verify the identity and licenses, the new owner might not be able to do so with the GBP registered by the previous owner for another person.

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