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Jan 16, 2013
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I have a client who somehow has two nearly identical Google Plus Local accounts live in their dashboard. One is filled out 100% & the other is missing a few items. Both are showing identical impressions & actions. Client told me they found a duplicate & claimed it a long time ago but it was always under review & now it has just recently gone live.

Should I delete the second listing which is not 100% complete?
Hi Jason,

Based on the info you have provided, it sounds like the duplicate that was claimed merged up with the correct listing (based on the same stats in the dash).

Claiming duplicates used to be a great way to get rid of or merge them. However, this process is no longer recommended and it can cause a suspension to the account.

Remove the listing that is the inferior, but make sure that the one you keep also is the one that has control over the live listing. You can check this by hitting "view" listing from the account and whichever one has the option to "write a review" DOES NOT have control.
Hi Jason,

Def MUST delete one. It's a violation to have 2 claimed listings in the same or even different accounts.

WARNING: If the stats are the same that indicates the 2 have merged. But even if stats weren't the same yet, if the listings are very similar they have likely partially merged even if the stats don't reflect that.

So important that when you delete you click option to remove from account NOT delete from maps.
If you delete from maps it will often delete everything since they are merged.

But deleting from acct just does that - takes it out of account so you can't get a penalized. It does not delete it from maps/live.

IF NAP is slightly different, then when that listing is released from dash, sometimes it will break off into a separate live dupe. So watch for it and if it does, then get rid of it by direct edit on the listing and report as dupe.

Warn client not to claim dupes any more too. Sometimes they claim and suspend and that no longer works and again is not advised.

Did that help answer your questions?
Hi Linda & Colan,

Thanks for your feedback. The stats are identical so they must have merged. When I view them live, they both give me the ability to respond & look identical so thats more proof they have merged.

Im going to remove from profile. Thanks for your help.

Same client but different issue, they have quite a few duplicates with the wrong NAP that have popped up around Google Plus Local but have only one address. Whats the best way to get rid of those? They have not been claimed. Thanks again.
Best to get rid of dupes by direct edit on the listing and report as dupe.

Can also use the Troubleshooter which I prefer because that gets you in direct contact with a support rep. But Google support has been giving pushback sometimes on reporting this way. Plus the maps team that deals with the live edits has a bigger staff.

So I think I'd edit the listing. Wait a month. If the dupe does not resolve then use the Troubleshooter.
Be sure to be logged into that client's account when you do.

But realize on dupes. Google does not just make stuff up. They are getting the bogus info from somewhere. Usually the client has been inconsistent with NAP.

Even IF you successfully get dupes deleted or merged, they will often come back if Google keeps finding the bad upstream data, so sometimes with persistent dupes you have to do citation clean up.

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