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Jul 26, 2013
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Hello everyone. I am sure this problem occurs all the time.

The client cannot remember the credentials (email address & password) used to claim his Google My Business listing. He remembers claiming it in 2014 and had the PIN number letter mailed to his address for verification.

We can provide a copy of his business license proving ownership of the business.

What's the best way to reclaim the listing and where do I go in Google to begin the process?

Thank you in advance.

B. Zuber
Canton, Georgia
:eek: I'm sure this is not the preferred way but you could go half-way into requesting ownership of the site. GMB will present you with a masked email address of the current owner AB*****@****.*** with a few letters the owner/ct may be able to recall what address he/she used to claim ownership.

If that fails, then request ownership - Google will send an email to current owner and advise you to check back in 7 days. If Google does not get reply then you can continue with claim and most likely will need to verify again with another postcard.
Rik Delta's advice is what you should do. The official instructions for how to request ownership are here. As Rik mentioned, if the client can't remember the login, you'll request ownership, wait 7 days, click the link in your confirmation email, and then take the steps Google gives you.
Agreed. Great advice Rik Delta.

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