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Feb 26, 2013
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From the oddities of the local algo, a closed/relocated listing ranking #1 in maps....

screenshot chiropractic care.jpg

searching for phone number.jpg

screenshot chiropractic care.jpg

searching for phone number.jpg
Interesting find Jacob. My first thought was that it was just recently marked closed, but it was marked back in April.

That's the first time I believe I have seen a closed listing rank for a search term. Your second screenshot is normal as closed listings will still show for phone number and business name searches.

Were you able to find the closed listing in regular Google search?
Yep good find Jake.

Here is what's happening I think. Google only shows closed listings in search with a phone or name + city search.

The name on that listing is "Alaska Chiropractic Care". But when you search for "Chiropractic care in Anchorage AK" it's close enough to look like a possible match.

Good news is consumers generally don't search for Chiropractic care. When you do the most common search Anchorage chiropractor, they don't show up.

Looks like it was a rebranding not a move: "Alaska Chiropractic Care embraced a new owner and a new name, “Midtown Chiropractic.”

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