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Jun 28, 2012
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Whenever anyone asks me how to handle a business move on Google Local, my advice is:

DON'T MOVE! Just don't do it! You'll find yourself between a rock and a hard place!

I say that somewhat tough in cheek, because of course sometimes businesses have to move. It's a fact of life! BUT as we know all too well, Google does not handle moves very well.

One of the many common "move-related" problems that comes up all the time is:

"I moved and my new listings is fine. The address is correct. But when customers ask Google for directions to my office, the directions send them to the OLD location."

Here are a BUNCH of complaints at the Google Business forum.

Well Gregg Gordon, a Map Maker Expert Reviewer, explained why this happens and how to fix it. So Joy wrote a great post about the whole issue yesterday. Head over and find out the solution to this very common problem.

<a href="">Why Your Driving Reviews Might Be Wrong on Google Maps After You Move</a>
(Think she meant driving directions.)

Head over to take a read. TONS of great information!

SADLY... the post also points out the all too common scenario where the GMB and Map Maker guidelines conflict. It's another classic example of the right and left hands not being very in sync.

So check the varying advice from each camp and try to figure out the best way to go, next time you have to handle a move for a client.

We've also been discussing at our Local Search Pros Community on Google+ so head over there too because Andrew Sawyer added yet more important info about how all this works!

WHO KNEW there were 2 map markers for every business?

I didn't, did you???

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I had this very issue. I found on the of local hospitals and when I went to directions I was sent to the old location of the hopital that was showing closed. I have learned to double check the info Google is providing..
Yeah I'm checking driving directions now for businesses that moved to see if this is an issue or not. You'd never know it if you don't check since the map marker looks just fine.

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