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Jul 12, 2013
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Hi all,

Thought would be helpful to all of us if we shared client objections to going aheadwith a local seo proposal and how you handle them.

Main one I have come across is price. for this I've tried the walk away but if I know the client has a big list of contacts I might make a deal for referrals.
Hi micalo,

Thanks for starting a GREAT topic. Hope lots of consultants will weigh in!

I don't work with SMBs any more, only do training and consulting to help you guys in the industry.

However I'm sure one of the big objections to overcome would be price due to all the low end scammy telemarketers that promise page one for $200 or whatever.

Along with that and due to those guys that ruin it for everyone is the issue of how do you set yourself apart from them and show you are different and explain the value?

What top objections do you guys run into and how do you handle them?

Inquiring minds want to know.
Coupled to price is the frustration at how long it takes to get results. Knowing they'll have to spend money for a while before seeing the ROI is hard to handle for some small businesses.

On the content side of things, some business owners have a hard time accepting the idea of paying for content that's not overtly promotional. The benefits of an article or guest post that build up the reputation of the business (and come with a valuable link besides), but that don't directly mention the product throughout, can be a tough sell.

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