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Jul 23, 2012
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Everyone here has probably seen how much suite numbers are under discussion right now. I'd like to get a consensus of opinion on 2 points related to this that I see come up frequently.

Question 1
So, you've got 2 distinct businesses within a single building. If you control the building (as in owning the business office or owning the home office) do you think it's best to:

A - Give one of the businesses a non-suite number address while getting a suite number for the other. In other words, business A is at 123 Center Street while business B is at 123 Center Street Suite 1?


B- Give both businesses a suite within the building. So, Business A is at 123 Center Street Suite A and Business B is at 123 Center Street Suite B?

Question 2

How does obtaining a suite address work where you live? On an international level, this appears to have a lot of variables. Did you contact your post office? Did you have to speak to a housing authority board or other local government office? How did this work for you?

I'd just love to read your replies to this. Thanks in advance!
2 great questions Miriam!

Question 1: If I controlled the building, it would depend on a number of factors. Age of the building, how many companies (suites) occupy space in the building, size of the companies (does 1 company occupy the 1st floor and 6 share the 2nd?), how many citations exist already, etc...

Question 2: Not sure the age of this article, but I'd start with USPS in US - How to Get a New Suite Address From the Postal Office |
Suite numbers are normally controlled by the same government body responsible for assigning street addresses; as they want to ensure that emergency services can find the location if necessary.
Ah ha, I love the perspective you always bring to the table, Flash :D

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