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Sep 27, 2012
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It's no surprise, Google wants great content. No matter how much you convey this to a client or business owner, the mass majority just don't get it. They should be ones at the nucleus of the content as they are supposed to be the most knowledgeable on the subject. Some have no clue how to write, while others have no time to create it.

Does your business provide content creation for clients? Where do you find your copywriters? Do you outsource? If so, roughly what are you seeing that copywriters are charging on average? How does that compare to the quality you are receiving? Do you hire someone based on the client you are going after? Are you the jack of all trades and can write the content yourself for your client?

I would like to hear how some others are handling the content side of SEO. It's cheaper for the client to do it themselves but execution percentage is horribly low in what I've experienced over the years.
Hi Laustin,

I always ask clients to write content regularly but as you said the execution is horrible. So I've just started adding content writing to the business. I think you should do it yourself if thats the part of local seo you enjoy but for me personally I don't so I found someone great on odesk. A good content writer can cost a bit and its taken a few tests to find a good one but I'm sure it going to be worth it. Make sure you ask for some samples of there work as it will help reduce the testing time. Each contract I specify must pass spelling/grammar and copyscape checks and must include at least 1 photo. I also only go for the people the specialises in writing, not someone that has 50 skills on there page. Also on odesk make sure you look at the feedback and that they have completed a reasonable amount of jobs and that those jobs are writing related. Elance might be good also for writers.

Maybe we should make some clause that if they dont write it themselves once per x then then we get someone to do it for them to save them from themselves?

All the best,

We only have 2 or 3 of our clients that actually commit to writing and deliver their own content on a regular basis. So for the most part, we just order and deliver the content for them.

We have have really good luck using Custom Content from Textbroker?. They have different price tiers for quality and I will say using the 4-star tier will get the best results. (3-star and below are sometimes hard to read and understand, 4-star are typically great.)

You get to review and approve all orders prior to accepting them. They have been a life saver for content deliver to our team.
Thank you for your feedback Greg. I have used oDesk in the past and had some luck. I have heard of Textbroker but I have never looked into it. I will certainly peruse their site.

My past research has found that it is quite difficult to find quality content that is on the affordable side. Affordable is certainly subjective but it is equally as hard to convince a client that they have to fork over more money in order to get a piece of content that is remotely worthy or even has a chance to earn a link.

Michael, I definitely agree that finding a copywriter who is niche specific is probably the way to go. The providers that are the jack of all trades are usually masters at none and you will wind up not getting much in return. Out of curiosity, do you offer a flat rate for your content or does it vary based on the site/niche you are working in?

I have tried a number of approaches to getting a past client to create content. I even told them to provide me with the nuts and bolts so I didnt have to spend hours researching and I would write the content, get their approval and post. That was equally as impossible as them creating the content on their own.

Not every client gets it. I find that to be the toughest part of SEO...getting people to understand the big picture. You can't help people who have no interest in helping themselves. It just sucks to be the fall person when they hire you as the professional and don't take your advice.
Most business owners don't have the time or interest to write at all. In fact, I haven't had a single client who has offered to write their own content and I doubt I ever will.

I rely HEAVILY on my writer. I have been using ghost writers for 7 years now and have gone through dozens of them. I have become sort of an expert on screening and hiring writers. Thankfully, my current writer has been with me for over a year now so I haven't had to hire anyone in a long time (knock on wood).

Expect to pay $15 per article for good content. Anything less than that and the quality will be all over the board (mostly bad). On the flip side, you shouldn't have to pay more than $15 per article so don't fall for the trap that if you pay more you'll get better quality. It rarely works that way (unless of course you splurge for a $500/hour professional copy writer).

I used Odesk exclusively but my current writer I found on the Warrior Forum. I have also found great writers on Craigslist. Elance is another good source but I haven't used them in years.


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