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Feb 26, 2019
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I am developing a strategy for a chain of convenience stores/gas stations. I am noticing all their GMB listings are convenience stores but there is always a separate gas station listing as Exxon or big gas chain, but with the same address and phone number.
Since gas stations will get a disproportionate amount of search, I would want my client’s listings to show for both gas stations and convenience stores, not the Exxon.

1. Should the Exxon even exist if the phone number and address are the same?
2. Would Google merge these listings? Or should I be trying to get Exxon taken down?
3. Should I claim both and keep both listings?

Context for last question: In many cases the Exxon ranks really well, so there’s some concern we’ll cut foot traffic by messing with that listing. Flip side: the client wants to promote food, drink and gas savings via Offers Posts, so if we don’t do something with this other listing our promotions will suffer.

any help appreciated!
These listings should definitely be kept separate. I would not try to merge them (the request would get denied) and I'd suggest claiming both and making sure their categories don't overlap. I also would assume the hours would be different.
Thank you! Assuming there would be no issues with posting Google Posts for the convenience store on the Gas Station listing?
No, I can't see any reason why that would be an issue.

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