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Jun 28, 2012
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Convert Existing HTML Site Design To A WordPress Theme In 10 Seconds
by Dazzlin' Donna
May 29, 2012

One of my most popular posts lately is my guide that shows you how to convert a static HTML site to WordPress. In that post, however, I note that it doesn?t convert the actual design of the site; it converts the content. You?ll need to start fresh with a new theme or convert the design yourself. This post is the answer to that problem.

How To Convert Your Existing HTML Site Design or Template To A WordPress Theme in 10 Seconds Flat ? For Free
There?s a new tool out there folks, and it works really well. I?ve tested it and I?m going to show you step by step screenshots of the design conversion I just did for one of my old HTML, hand-coded, non-WordPress sites. Now remember, this is just the DESIGN portion. I wanted to convert the design to a WordPress theme, and the Themematcher tool worked amazingly well. Take a look for yourself. I?ll show you what my old site looks like, then show you each step I took to convert it to a WordPress theme, and how it looks afterwards.

Thanks David!

And if anyone needs help with WP, David is your man!
That plugin is a life saver! I just did a conversion for a 261 page site and without that plugin I would still be working away.
Does it really copy the design detail-for-detail? Nothing missing?

Also, that lady has some incredible articles. I couldn't find where to sign up for her email list though to get automatic blog updates? Can anyone else find it?
Donna rocks! Used to read her a lot back in my affiliate management days.

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