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Jun 3, 2020
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Since the beginning of last year (Jan 2020) any change that a team member has ever made on a GMB account has gotten the account suspended when they use their account.

If they make changes from another email account, it will not suspend the listing. So it feels like Google has flagged their account in some way. The only reason we can think that this is the case is that in their SEO Specialist days they reported spam/fake listings on google maps a lot as part of their local optimization process.

It could just be a fluke in their system. Our work IT manager has investigated our "systems" to make sure there is nothing suspicious going on and they are even an owner of the agency account.

Any insights on this issue would be appreciated.
Yes, that's actually exactly how an account level suspension typically works. Locations get suspended all the time because one of the users/managers on the listing has their account flagged.
As an expert, do you use a work email or just a non-work Gmail account to report spam?

Also, is there a way to know for sure what emails Google has "flagged" within our domain?
I use a non-work email for suggesting edits to listings.

If you want to confirm if you received an account suspension, you can do so by trying to login here with your Google account: Local Guides . If your account is the issue, you’ll see a large banner saying you’ve been removed from the Local Guides program. or some sort of error message.

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