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Okay this is so nuts. Do a Google search for "auto insurance long island". This site is plastered everywhere in the organic results:

Usaa Auto Insurance Long Island Ny ~ San Lucas Mission

How does crap like this slip by? I am going to post it on the Webmaster forum but wanted to post here first.

Print shot (in case it disappears) - auto insurance long island - Google Search | Diigo

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Found a page that hasn't been deleted yet...

The thing I'm not really getting is what benefit this's not backlinking to any other site?
Hmmm, when I actually click their link in the serps it tells me the link is broken???

Does it do that for you?
Wow...on page 2 for that search result I found another site that does the same thing...Progressive Auto Insurance Long Island Ny - Online Auto Insurance Quote.

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Yep! Just added to my thread above that I found one that isn't dead yet -
None of this makes sense. That site is really about a Mission in Guatemala. No reason to link to an ins agent in Long Island.

Think the site was hacked and the hacked links are malformed and don't work right or something. Whole thing is just weird.

BUT I think your point is why does Google even like this site enough to rank it higher than legit listings that SHOULD be on page 1?
Yeah exactly. There are like 10 of these that outrank one of my clients. Seriously...really annoying!!!
HAAA was just reading the CONTENT in Google cache. That is if you can call it content.

Silly spammers! (Read more at the link, I don't want to repost all the rubbish here.)

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Way to work in your keywords there spammer! :p
Then 3 links that don't work, then more jibberish.
Hmmm, who's up for a bit of a black hat test?

I have not done a deep dive BUT it appears Google may REALLY like
having the = sign + KWs in the URL string.

One site has: =allstate-car-insurance-long-island

The other has: =progressive-auto-insurance-long-island-ny

But the URLs are malformed and don't work.

So I wonder what would happen if you took a valid inner page and tacked
=auto-insurance-long-island-ny on the end?
I'm going to see if I can try something to test if it works.
Now that is pretty crazy. Joy, were you able to test out the "= + KW + location" string to see if it had any effect on a page's rankings? I checked out that page that you two were talking about and there are about a dozen or so links related to auto insurance interspersed among the other links in the menus. And that particular page has 9 backlinks from, which is a very high PR site as well. It turns out that there are several similar pages on that same site. But I followed another link, which led to another foreign high-ranking site. Whoever did it is definitely doing some blackhat insurance SEO.

I'm thinking that they go in and hack good PR sites and create some sort of link chain, creating very powerful links which at some point link to the actual site. But how or why is that site ranking for that search term? I'm confused about it, too. Apparently Google is looking at that page's meta tags, the other links on the page, and of course all of its backlinks and ranking it high based on those things. But it's definitely crazy that a site like that ranks so high for such a competitive search term.

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