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COOL MIKE! Would love to have SEP readers possibly follow a link and find us, as I imagine many of them need help with local.

Sure you can use the other image too. Greg made it for me so I want him to get credit, but as long as there is a link back here hopefully they'll see his image credit at the bottom.

Thanks Mike, let me know when it comes out and I'll either do a new post about it or add it to this thread.
Thanks Linda! I'll definitely let you know when its live. When they asked me to do the piece I instantly thought of your graphic.
thanks, this cleared a lot up for me. To make it easier to understand in my mind I think of the Google Plus page as like a facebook business page, as Google Plus is a social site, and therefore Google Plus Local is the business end. If that thinking makes any sense to anyone else. LOVE the graphics!:D
Before I read this post I had been quietly confused about this topic in my office. I didn't want to admit that sometimes I just didn't know what kind of Google listing I was staring at. Now, I can talk about my confusion with confidence b/c I am not the only one.

Hi, my name is Amber, Google+ Local confuses me and it's great to be here.:eek:
Hi Amber, welcome!

Don't feel like the long ranger. Google bamboozles the heck out of everyone! :p

OH and now all those screen shots are all out of date already because everything just changed yesterday. Or at least a lot changed in the way pages are displayed. But if you just pay attention to the Follow button, review button you can still tell if a page is one, the other or both (merged).

Here is the update announcement in case anyone missed it.
Waiting for Jade from Google who will be stopping by with some comments soon. http://localsearchforum.catalystema...ant/3818-google-local-huge-layout-change.html

So ya, blink and it all changes!:rolleyes:
Awesome Mike. Great job and thanks so much for linking back!
Just feel the need to point out, even with the new dashboard that's rolling out, everything on the business owner side is still branded as Google Places for Business. It's just the consumer-facing page name was changed to Google+ Local.

We still get business owners all the time saying "how can I make my Google Place page into a Google+ Local page". Or "is there anyway I can have customer leave reviews directly on my Place page instead of Google+ Local?" They are the same page - just different names. Yep, confusing...

Here is info about the new Google Places dashboard update that's rolling out in case you missed it.
A Venn Diagram is a great way to show the differences and similarities among the different types of pages. What do you think?Does that help or make things as confusing as ever :p

Type A = G+ Local
Type B = G+ Business Page
Type C = Local G+ Page (which is the result of merging/verifying A and B OR doing the auto G+ upgrade IF you have the new Places Dashboard.)


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Here's where I came across the diagram -
That Venn diagram certainly makes things a bit easier to work out what stage a Page is at :)
Thanks for the explanation here Linda, I totally understand now, they just only merge google+page and google+business into one.

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