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Mar 13, 2017
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I was revisiting Google's YouTube video series on "Bring your local business on line" which may be out of date. In video #4 ( they say we should cross link with your Yelp etc. listings.

I seem to recall being able to link to multiple URL's from GMB but I believe that is no longer possible, please confirm. If it is possible could someone point out the best way to add these links in the current dashboard, thanks.
I've searched for this as well as for some businesses, Google shows a link to FB or Twitter. I've seen the ability to add links to social via Moz but they are not behaving properly - e.g. only Twitter will show up, not FB...
Hi Thomas,

There is currently no place in the GMB to add links to social profiles. You could add a link in the business description, but the description feature no longer lives in the GMB, instead it is accessed using G+. You can edit that at while logged into the account that manages the listing. Once there, select the profile icon in the top right of the screen. Edit the description by selecting the edit button under "story".
The date on the video is from 2014. I wouldn't trust information that old as it probably has tons of stuff that is no longer possible. I have some really great tutorials I wrote in 2015 that don't even work anymore, unfortunately.

For example, the main strategies I used to find duplicate listings outlined in this article both don't work anymore now that MapMaker & Classic G+ are gone.

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