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Aug 9, 2012
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HAS ANYONE built a custom domain blog site, i.e.,
  1. optimized for page 1 rank using primarily articles, etc, to sell-lease?
  2. then sell-lease it to a new client?
  3. when sold-leased, how much new client info did you use for prospects to contact them?
  4. what info did you use?
  5. where did you use it on the site to be safe that Google won't slap the campaign?
  6. any links to those sites please?
  7. how much did you charge?
  8. what significant issues arise during this project?
  9. we're forever grateful for your wisdom

our earlier post showed the huge issues we have with this when we use any of the same NAP. thx so very much one and all!
Marc:'re asking for a lot of information here. You're basically asking someone how to create a business leasing websites. There are entire courses written on the subject.

What I recommend you do is head over to the Warrior Forum and do a search in the Warrior Special Offers section for "offline" or "lead generation" or "leasing sites." There have been plenty of WSO's on the topic. Heck, I've even purchased a few in the past as I was curious about this model at one time as well.

It's definitely a legitimate business model but you have to treat these sites like any site. They have to be real, provide value, etc. etc. You also have to do everything for them that you would for any website - SEO, social media, etc.

Travis Van Slooten
thx travis for the suggestions -- i think i have my answer :)

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