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Jul 31, 2012
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I'm customizing a design for my clients google plus page. I want to have a good call to action for calling. Is it against the terms of service to have the companies phone number in the main banner area? Is there anywhere where I can find the guidelines so I know I'm not breaking any rules?

Hi thanks for getting back to me I appreciate it.

What I mean by main banner is the main picture in google plus local, you can choose to have a bunch of little pictures or have one main image. On that main image I was planning on putting the companies phone number.
I'm wondering if you are talking about a LOCAL Google+ page instead of a Google+ Local page. It's kinda confusing but they are different. (Google+ Local is also known as a Place page and that's the guidelines that Colan linked to above.)

But I think the Local Google+ Page is what you are talking about. Because that's the one where you can set a banner. It's a Google+ Business page with the category set as local. Here are the help docs but I don't see anything about image guidelines. Create a local Google+ page - Google+ Help

But I doubt having an image with a phone # is advisable. Why do you want to do it? I don't see it boosting call volume or conversion rates just having phone# in an image??? :confused:
Hey Linda,

Thanks for the quick reply I appreciate it. I guess I was just thinking it would be really easy for the client to call, but I think your right. Anyway I just wanted to see what the polices were on that.

Are the local google + page, and the google+ local page going to combine eventually? I guess that's where I'm a bit confused.

Thanks again
Yep they will soon combine. Right now we are just at sort of a 1/2 way merge. Then G+ Local pages will upgrade to full G+ pages. OR if you already have both you'll be able to merge together.

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