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Sep 18, 2012
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Hi guys

After having a recent drop in local rankings I've been looking at ways to improve my listing. Linda kindly gave me some tips on another thread which I implemented around a week ago - these included changing my description and service categories. I just logged into my dashboard this morning - the changes have not yet been made on the live listing - and noticed that when I click on 'see your listing on google' through the dashboard, my listing appears but with little information (all that it shows is name, phone number, website and opening hours, there are no photos and nine of my 50 or so reviews). However, when checking the listing through the search results everything seems fine - my listing is here. I'm also attaching a screen of the dashboard listing. When I go into to edit the listing through the dashboard all the information is still there.
So my question is, has anybody experienced this before, and if so is it an indicator of a possible problem with the listing or is it nothing to worry about? Many thanks in advance

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This is the same thing that Google will sometimes do when you make NAP updates to a listing. Did you make any NAP edits?

I would hold off on doing anything for a few days to see if Google can sync up the dash with the correct listing again.

I'll dig a little deeper as soon as I can.
Hi Colan. Thanks for your reply, I haven't made any changes to NAP, only changes to business description and categories. Guess I'll leave it and hope for the best!
Hi Jody,

Did you have this dupe before?

If not, it looks like your changes may have split off to a new duplicate listing for some reason. Which is odd and does not normally happen except occasionally sometimes if you change NAP. Which is I think what Colan was referring to as well.

Can you click from dash again and confirm if is the page you land on?
Hey Linda.

Wow I hadn't noticed that but that's not to say it wasn't there before I made the changes.....just clicked from dash and was taken to so I'm guessing that's ok?

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Also, don't know if this is relevant but just noticed there's no numbers under the 'Impressions' and 'Actions' column just a couple of dashes, seems odd!
Hey Linda.

Wow I hadn't noticed that but that's not to say it wasn't there before I made the changes.....just clicked from dash and was taken to so I'm guessing that's ok?

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Also, don't know if this is relevant but just noticed there's no numbers under the 'Impressions' and 'Actions' column just a couple of dashes, seems odd!

No not really OK. I don't know why that would happen. Dashes under impressions and actions would be normal for a new listing. I think somehow you got what I call a "split dupe". You lost control of the listing that WAS claimed. Instead of making changes to IT, Google created a new listing in your dashboard.

Let's wait a couple weeks and see if these merge back together.
Oh, doesn't sound good........ok thanks Linda, I'll let you know if anything changes, appreciate your help as ever!
Hi guys

Just wanted to post a followup now nearly two weeks have passed and to get your advice. Since then, the duplicate listing is still live, and my main listing which I originally tried to edit has remained the same. Strangely too, my main listing is now displaying only my mobile number (which should be the secondary number) and not my area code phone number. The area code phone number is now showing with the duplicate listing. What would you suggest is the best course of action concerning the duplicate listing, and also what advice would you give given that I can't now edit my main listing as it seems to edit the dupe instead from the dashboard.
Thank you in advance!

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Just to confirm that when I click on 'see my listing on Google' through the dashboard it takes me to the dupe, but when editing it shows me my main listing. Thanks again.

Have you reported the issue to Google yet? You don't mention anything about that in the earlier posts.

Something I find interesting (just not sure what to make of it yet) is that you have a record on Map maker for this one - The address is displayed on Map Maker, even though you have hidden it in the places dash.

This one has no record on Map Maker (presumably because the address is not being picked up by Google) -

Is there any chance that either of those listings are claimed in another account other than yours?
Hi Colan

Thanks very much for your input. I haven't reported to google yet, Linda mentioned that she'd wait a few weeks to see if the listings merged - I guess now after this amount of time it's best to report the dupe to google?
The first link you posted is my listing which I have in my dashboard, although when I edit it it seems to link to the dupe which is the second link you posted. The dupe was created after I tried to edit some info on Linda's recommendation a while back. I've never had problems editing my info in this way before.
Would you recommend reporting to Google to see if they can help? How's best to go about this, is there a specific link to go to?
Thanks again
Phone support would be best if you have it. And where to find it sort of depends on which dashboard. You also have to call during US business hours.

Try help, top right >> contact us >> then maybe something like incorrect data on my listing? Again the message varies based on which dash.

If it IS available over there but you are trying at the wrong time it will say something about call center hours. So wait and call then.

If you see no option for phone, then use that troubleshooter that says incorrect data on my listing and report dupe and try to get to an open field that let's you explain so you can tell them the problem below.

Explain this is NOT a regular dupe. When you edit in dash it changes the unclaimed dupe so it's like the listings split and you lost control of the one in your dashboard.
Hi Linda

Just a quick update, I was able to get Google phone support and the very helpful employee seemed to think the issue may have happened due to an error when updating to the new dashboard. Anyway, he's put in a request for the two listings to be merged and said it would take around 2 -3 weeks, will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for your help
Ok so amazingly the day after I phoned Google support the dupe disappeared, and everything has apparently gone back to normal - I'm going to try editing my description again as that doesn't seem to have changed since my initial edit - and hopefully I won't get the prob back again. Anyway thanks to all who gave me advice, especially Linda for mentioning Google phone support - how good is that!? :)

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