Yan Gilbert

Oct 15, 2016
Hi. I am transitioning over from general internet marketing into getting clients for local. I have some questions about getting started with clients' information.

How do you deal with getting access to online profiles for example? I know that Managers can be added to Google products so I can still use my gmail to access, but do you ask for the login information for other social media platforms to be able to make changes and updates?

Also, is it common practice to ask them to provide you with a new email account (to sign up for different directories for adding citations for example) from their domain?

I just want to confirm what are the general practices in this regard.


Scott Rawlins

Nov 14, 2012
Yes, the easiest thing would be to have the login info for everything they have. Worst case, I have them invite me to become a manager. If creating a new G account, it's best to use a domain based email for citations.

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