Mar 14, 2013
Hey Guys, I just wanted to share a little information that we learned today about the new Google places dashboard. While you can report a problem to delete a live listing, if the listing is unverified it cannot be deleted at this time.

We just spoke with places support and they said that if you have a dupe that's unverified it won't have any negative effect.

Google said that since they have had so many issues with owners calling in about this that they have a team working on it, but can not give a time frame to when this will be complete.

We somehow ended up with an unverified dupe in a client's new G+ dashboard and were kind of worried it would cause problems...doesn't sound like it will at this point.

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Thanks so much for sharing that John. Good to know! As I explained in the past it was a violation, but things just keep changing so it's always a moving target. Everyone chipping in with this type of info helps us all stay in the know!
Apr 25, 2013
I just tried it and it DOES work for unverified listings! For me it still looked like the listing is there (though it was just a banner running along the top), but logging out and back in removes it completely.

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