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Mar 14, 2013
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Hey Guys, I just wanted to share a little information that we learned today about the new Google places dashboard. While you can report a problem to delete a live listing, if the listing is unverified it cannot be deleted at this time.

We just spoke with places support and they said that if you have a dupe that's unverified it won't have any negative effect.

Google said that since they have had so many issues with owners calling in about this that they have a team working on it, but can not give a time frame to when this will be complete.

We somehow ended up with an unverified dupe in a client's new G+ dashboard and were kind of worried it would cause problems...doesn't sound like it will at this point.
Thanks so much for sharing that John. Good to know! As I explained in the past it was a violation, but things just keep changing so it's always a moving target. Everyone chipping in with this type of info helps us all stay in the know!
Thanks for the intel, Jon. A bit of a temporary bind if you're trying to remove an old listing that your client forgot his logins for and that uses an address he isn't located at any longer. (Semi-autobiographical story here.)
I just tried it and it DOES work for unverified listings! For me it still looked like the listing is there (though it was just a banner running along the top), but logging out and back in removes it completely.
Awesome, thanks for letting us know Matthew!

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