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Jul 18, 2012
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I'm working with a dentist who's extremely nervous about giving me access to his Google accounts because it's all tied to his personal stuff - which includes gaining access to his patient emails and info (if I decided to dig into his Gmail, which of course I would never do). He wants to know if there is anyway to give someone "admin" access without having to hand over his own login details.

I've never run into this before. I don't think there is a way to give someone "admin access" to a Google+ Local listing or to someone's Google account is there? If not, how do you guys handle this concern?

The dentist totally trusts me,he just feels nervous about the whole thing and I guess I don't blame him but I don't think we have a choice...right?

Is it a merged G+ page or just Place page?

If merged I just made an announcement that may help. Let me know if merged and if you missed it and I'll find it.

If just a Place page, there is no way currently with the Places dashboard. I've only had 2 clients even express any concerns and I just worked to build trust. I explained it's the only way for me to help them and I am far too busy to do anything but log in and work on their Place page. Even if I had time to, my ethics would never allow me to look at their emails. And that was enough and they always gave me access.

It's the old school Google+ Local dashboard. This guy trusts me and has already told me if there is no other way, he'll give me access.

I missed the announcement on merged listings. If you have time, can you point me in the right direction? If not, no big deal. I'll hunt it down myself later today.


Here you go Travis. All important Google updates are in the IMPORTANT section to make them easier to find.

Multiple Managers & Transfer Ownership Added to Local Google+ Business Pages

But again, I would not set up G+ and merge just to get that feature for this client because Google says NOT to merge right now since they are auto-updating everyone to G+ and it could mess you up. Did you see that announcement? It's REALLY important and is a sticky at the top of the IMPORTANT forum.

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