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Jul 23, 2012
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Hi All,
To my surprise the other day I found a call in feature for Dex Knows

here's the page

Is this new?

I set up 3 listings (locations) for a client which generated an account where I was supposed to be able to add additional content - I was but for only one of the locations.

Does anyone have any experience with Dex? Are they like others who limit you to only 1 location/listing per account?

To my surprise the other day I found a call in feature for Dex Knows

here's the page

Is this new?

Hi Chris, sorry but what do you mean by "call in feature"?

I should not even comment because I don't do directory submissions or really know much about setting up with Dex. The only thing I wanted to mention is that in the past I've run into problems where they set up call tracking #s on their listings that messed with citations. I don't know for sure but assume they only bother to do that on paid ads, wouldn't think they'd do it on free ones.

BUT one of the features mentioned on that page is tracking # of calls. Don't know how they could do that UNLESS they are putting a unique tracking # on your profile page.
Hi Linda and thanks for the reply.
I can understand you being a little jittery with my mention of Dex and call-in in the same sentence. No, it has nothing to do with call tracking and I can't imagine them assigning a call tracking # to a free listing. Not to mention the subject never even came up.

I've had conversations with Dex people before and to my knowledge this ability to create a listing is new. They've always been a little snotty as though they actually have something everyone should want. I've spoke with numerous folks at City grid too and I get the feeling that both outfits would like to somehow join the party.

I don't think their paid model has a great future. Anyone here with an opinion on that?
Hey Chris,

I believe that page has been around for a while. When we?ve tried to add clients to Dex in the past, at the end of the signup steps has always been a great big friendly ?Please enter your credit card!?

The only couple of clients I?ve had whose Dex listings I?ve been able to edit seem to have been on Dex?s paid program. Dex didn?t force a call-tracking number on them, which was good.

But I think the only way to get listed for free on Dex is by osmosis. They seem to get their data only from good old CitySearch and InfoGroup.

I absolutely ignore Dex. Why? Because if you?re listed correctly there, great. But even if you?re not, then that means you have an upstream-data issue ? which is way more important to fix and which at least you can fix.

Who knows about Dex Knows :)
I called a Dex rep a few days ago trying to get a listing, and they gave me a run around. To the best of my knowledge it would take an act of congress to get a free listing on that site now. I was pretty straight forward with the guy, and eventually he responded in kind. He asked around and got back to me saying that as far as he knows they will not be offering the free listing feature again.

I would imagine that as time goes on with them not having a free account option the weight of the citation will drop. I believe the payed option they offer is a terrible deal. If I was going to spend any money at all it would be on a data aggregator who would push my citation to multiple places.

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