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Jun 28, 2012
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One of my previous consulting clients reported to me what looks like a bug, but I wanted to check to see if others are seeing this problem too before I report it to Google. Was too slammed with other problems yesterday to get to this one.

Laura from Attaboy Plumbing in Indianapolis reported: "Hey Linda – FYI - I searched “plumbers” (with location set at Indianapolis) and then I clicked on the “See results for plumbers on a map” underneath the 7 pack and the map came up with no listings. Seems strange."

It's happening for me too. And not just Indy and not just plumbers but other plural searches. Do you guys see it?

USE CLASSIC MAPS - (I only use Classic as New Maps sucks for Local SEO research) and it's only happening with plural searches with no city in the query. (Which is how the majority of consumers search.)

Search attorneys (PLURAL), then UNDER 7 pack click: See results for attorneys on a map ?

Here are all the attorneys in Seattle


I've replicated with location set to various cities. It does it for plumbers and attorneys but not dentists. Have not taken time to do other plural searches.

Would a couple of you tell me if you can replicate this? Then I'll report to Google.

I did a search for Plumbers and I'm in Toronto and clicking through to Google Maps gave me just one result:

I did the same with Attorneys but I got a bunch of results in Maps.
Scott, you are using Classic maps and plural?

Have to have classic maps still on by default. Then do reg G search then click more results under the pack.

Should have mentioned I'm seeing this in FF. I think it would do it in Chrome too, but I leave Chrome set to new maps in case I need to test something there.
Yea, I'm seeing it too. It seems that "&hq=" and "&hnear=" are conflicting with something. If you remove either or both from the URL string it works okay. Should be an easy fix for the Google.
Thanks Mr. Wizard. :p I don't have a technical mind like that.

I just reported to Google and escalated this thread but will email them what you said to be sure they see it.

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