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Jan 9, 2018
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I have a client for who i am looking at traffic decline. she has redone her website - all done right, not a change of domain name. Her new site - several months old - has https. When I look at her website in AhRefs I get the below results and I am wondering why:

http only: UR 31, Dr 12
Http and https: UR 12, DR 12
https only: UR 12, DR 12

Usually, the number fluctuation has to do with the number of domains or backlinks headed to the site.

We see the same number for both the http+https and the https, but the http is usually different on pretty much any site I check.

From what I can see, it's because so many domains point to only the http, and while the site itself redirects, ahrefs doesn't pick up on the redirect, just on the actual number of links to which protocol.

I'd look to contact some of the other links out there and see if you can get them to swap over to HTTPS in the URLs and see if that makes a difference.

Most sites I check have a lower HTTP DR number, but sometimes not a lower UR number.
it really does not matter how ahref sees anything since they have 0 influence on rank. Just 301 all http to https

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