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Jul 28, 2021
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What’s the best way to handle this? … When my hubby retired last month, the service business we’ve been running together for decades (he’s the sole proprietor) had to get put into my name so I can earn the income now. I started my own company, new business name (I’m the sole proprietor). I don’t want to get rid of the old company’s Google Business Profile because it’s well-established.

What’s better:

~ make a separate Google Business Profile for the new company and have them both out there? It’s the same P.O. Box address and one of the same phone numbers. Since we have been in business for decades, each profile would have a blurb mentioning both companies so the connection is clear that it’s basically just the same company operating under a different name. (Both of the websites have that blurb)
~ add the new name to the old company’s Profile? For example, “ABC Company … now known as XYZ Company” with a blurb to explain the rebranding
~ some other idea I haven’t thought of

I would appreciate expert advice on how to make Google happy so we don’t lose traffic. 🤔

P.S. – for privacy, I’d prefer not to specifically give the name of our companies on a public forum.
You need to rename the current business profile to the new name. None of your suggestions are allowed as they violate Google's TOS. Google is smart enough to send all old search queries to the new name profile.

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