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Jan 29, 2020
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About 10 days ago Google disabled a location I manage in CT. It’s one of several locations I manage for the client throughout the state. Systematically, locations for this client are being disabled. We’ve managed to reinstate a couple of them and are waiting for an answer from Google for the others. The location in question here was 100% GMB compliant. A few days after submitting the reinstatement form, I received an email that the case was being escalated. After almost a week I received the formal answer yesterday. Reinstatement was denied.

I find Google’s reasoning to be very troubling. Here it is: “We have reviewed your request and cannot reinstate your Business Profile at this time, because your profile continues to be in violation of the Google Business Profile quality guidelines. Your account contains multiple profiles for the same business at several locations”.

This is not true. While some locations are service areas, others are storefronts. Each location is managed by a designated representative serving a specific location(s). Addresses and phone numbers are unique and verified.

In this case is Google suggesting that one location is sufficient to service an entire state? This location has one profile (set as a service area). It is set as a service area because we go to the client. They don’t come to us. Our services usually happen at law enforcement facilities. All of our offices are well-established, staffed with local personnel that service clients in their assigned locations. Clearly, we should be allowed to have an adjunct service area in another city outside the headquarters office. This specific location is a service area but clients can and do make payments and have subsequent consultations at the office. A licensed agent is located at this address.

Then there’s this: “In order to promote your business through Google Business Profile, we suggest you keep only one profile that represents your business at its correct location and remove the rest. Learn more about deleting profiles. What does this mean?”. Google may be under the false impression that there are other profiles for this location. That would be false. We have only one profile for each location. Or are they saying the headquarters location in another city is the only bonafide location? Our business runs on a “time is off the essence” clock. All of our clients are in an emergency situation. We need locations nearby to service them quickly.

Finally: “Please change your account to comply with our policies and choose one profile to represent your business, then submit this profile for review. We’ll review your profile and if it complies with our policies, then we’ll lift the suspension”. Are they suggesting one location to serve 168 towns and 3.5 million people?

Has anyone here experienced this kind of issue with service areas? At this point, any input will be very helpful.
This is in Google's guidelines relevants to you:


Means Google Support can decide what your business model allows or not, so I believe what you should do is add the service areas to the storefronts profiles and remove any service area business-only profiles. Also make sure service areas don't overlap.

Otherwise, they will keep get suspended.

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