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Jul 24, 2020
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A client of mine received a 1 star review late last week from a legitimate customer. In his reply, my client could have been a little nicer, but made a full refund and wished the customer well in dealing with their issue.

Apparently this response was provocative enough to warrant 2 more 1 star reviews from fresh Google accounts with no activity except for their single 1 star reviews. The writing style (one large brick of text) is pretty consistent between the three reviews.

I warned my client that little can be done about this (and asked him to please stop poking the bear with soft snark responses to these reviews) short of flagging the reviews as inappropriate.

Is there any recourse here? I know that fake reviews are an FCC violation, so it's not very legal to do this. However, everything at this point is here-say.

If you flag the reviews and they don't get removed, you can contact GMB support about it for an appeal.

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