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Aug 7, 2013
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Should be an interesting read. Also, Check out Steven Levy's post on organic search trends.

Google’s Knowledge Graph May Show For 1/4th Of All Search Queries

Google's Knowledge Graph shows for about 25% of all Google queries, which can pose a threat to the publishers who are the source of much of that data.

Steven Levy has a really in-depth story on Google’s organic search trends over the years. He was able to interview the key players and decision makers on the Google search team and one of the nuggets of information he shared was that he believes that about 25% of all searches done on Google show a knowledge graph related answer or box.
Steven Levy put this in brackets and added a disclaimer that Google wouldn’t say, but there is no way he pulled the 25% number out of a hat. He probably overheard it or got this information off the record.
That would the level of 25% of searches. It would mean that websites that show up in 25% of all searches get less traffic than before.

hhhhmmmm.....less organic traffic to websites more reasons for those websites to spend on adwords or other google advertising venues.

Google explanations will never address actions that increase spends and clicks on adwords....but every quarter, quarter after quarter their gross adwords revenues goes up up up up.

There is no coincidence.

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