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Jun 28, 2012
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If you remove the "cheese responses" you get:

43% do not believe John Mueller
28% do believe John Mueller
28% sometimes believe John Mueller

The responses are currently showing that many voted for cheese, a John joke. But the rest say about 22.6% of the people always blindly believe John. That includes his colleagues, Gary Illyes and the Google Analytics team (which is where this GIF came from):

Rand Fishkin discussed this a year or so ago and added a different category for Google statements. I believe he labelled that option "technically true but misleading." I pay close attention to what John says but always take his statements with a grain of salt!
I don't need the graIn of salt and I do believe he's truthful but you do have to pay attention to what he does NOT say as well as what he says. That's true of probably anyone from Google... they will try to answer specific questions but they're not going to give away any Google secrets obviously nor will they say something that might be exploited by spammers and black hat SEOs.

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