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Aug 26, 2015
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If I'm running two businesses out of a single location can I simply add a suite number to each business's address to get around Google's rule of only "one business per address"?

Has anyone seen an instance where this tactic has worked?
Hi Marc, the answer on generic data-less Qs like this is always... it depends.

1st of all depending on the industry, categories, names and phone numbers they may not be allowed 2 listings, regardless if there are suite#s are not.

2nd I don't advocate adding suite#s if they don't exist. To me under the pure letter of the law, that equates to: Don't create a listing at a location where the business does not exist. If there is no suite, then... I think G is smart enough to figure it out.

But again that's me being cautious and by the book. I have in rare cases heard users say support told them to add a suite # but I don't think that was a seasoned phone rep that new the rules. And again it would not even help if those 1st considerations I mentioned did not warrant 2 listings.

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