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Nov 30, 2013
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I'm looking to break in to a new market... municipalities (cities, boroughs, townships, etc.). What types of web services have you found that they may be in the market for? Most have websites and some sort of a social media presence. I appreciate any input!
If you like politics you will fit right in. It takes months and months to get something done. Everything has to be voted on. You make a proposal to the board then wait for the next board meeting. If they have questions and you don't have answers right then and there you will have to wait until the next board meeting.

You give your quote to the board to look over and there is another month. And if there is questions well you get the point. Took me 3 months to get a website approved. I am now dealing with a library and it's the same process.

I had one town send me what they wanted built and I thru it in the trash. It was about 10 pages of demands. That was about one year ago and you know what they still have the same old website today. I think I was one in about 5 website designers they sent their request to. The other guys probably did the same thing I did.

You can get a feel pretty quickly what the politics are going to be like just by talking to the board on the first board meeting. If you go to a small town and the board is ran by elders good luck.
Take a look at the tourism industry. Many municipalities have a tourism center that may need help.

How about offering services for local lobbying efforts? This may not be directly working with a municipality but it may have great opportunity. Maybe work with community non-profits?

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