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Feb 4, 2020
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Anyone can share some insights if people really search and book hotels via Google? Or how changes this balance between Booking, Google and other platforms.
And in such hyper-competition, whether the investment in the Local SEO for small boutique hotels pays off?
Hey Zhanna!

I think you'll find this study really useful. It basically shows how frequently hotels (along with bars and restaurants) are found via GMB — spoiler alert: it's a lot. It also shows how many calls are received through that medium, as well as other CTAs like directions and website clicks.

From that study alone, I would say local SEO is definitely worth investing in. At least in terms of having an active GMB profile and taking advantage of the free features available, like photos, posts, video, Q&A, etc.
Hi @zhana,

Yes, people (a lot!) book their holidays through GMB. At our agency, we manage quite a number of GMB and all of our clients are in the hospitality industry.

But you can find out for yourself, I suggest you add a UTM to your GMB profile and I think you will see pretty soon the amount of traffic, bookings and revenue coming from the GMB campaign. Google's campaign builder will help you with generating the UTM's.

An example:

Depending on the location and the characteristics of your boutique hotel you will probably see a total revenue from GMB ranging from 7-14% of the total revenue.

As @StephanieNewton mentions, it is well worth investing in Local SEO, prioritizing your efforts and investments will help you with that.


Filtered by revenue, date range 2020.
Hi @Lluc -- thanks for sharing your screenshot.

What's interesting / what I wanted to ask you is... where is the organic search traffic?

I'm not used to seeing source traffic data that doesn't have organic, and more specific Google organic, at the top or at least in the top 2 or 3.

Just curious -- thank you again


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