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Aug 8, 2012
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Hi Everyone,

Would like to get some best-practice opinions on this . . .

We have a client in the auto repair business. They are opening a new medium- and heavy-duty TRUCK repair business in the same building. The NAP for the new truck business will be unique though: separate phone number, suite number, and business name from the auto repair side. For local search purposes, it's essentially a new entity, with a different market.

But what about the domain name? Use the same domain with a truck-related subdirectory? A subdomain? Or maybe an entirely new domain?

Hi Michael,

On a slightly different topic than what you asked... Since you mention NAP, it sounds like you are planning a 2nd Place page and just wanted to let you know that this may not fly. Google would likely view it as one company with 2 different divisions, not 2 separate companies.

Was the plan to do another Place page? Because that could play into the domain issue.
Hi Linda, thanks for the quick response, hope all is well with you ;-)

Yes, the plan was to create new listings, including Google, based on the new NAP.

The Guidelines say:
  • Departments within businesses, universities, hospitals, and government buildings may be listed separately. These departments must be publicly distinct as entities or groups within their parent organization, and ideally will have separate phone numbers and/or customer entrances.
It appears the client would fall within the guidelines by being "publicly distinct" -- so the plan is separate signage, separate entrance / suite number, separate phone number, separate marketing and PR, separate business name (an extension of the current brand), etc.

If "publicly distinct" encompasses a new domain too, that can be put in place. But wherever content appears, it would have a distinct appearance and be directed to a different market.

What do you think?
Hey Michael, doing well. How about you?

Thing is the guidelines are not very clear about where they draw the line. I believe it's designed to accommodate large brands, hospitals and universities. Especially the latter 2 because lots of problems come up with them. I think this one is borderline and you face risk that only one listing will be allowed.

So if they are splitting out and branding this new division for many other sound business reasons and don't expect to rely on Google then it's worth doing. But some companies do things like this more as a marketing ploy and can spend a lot of money doing all this, only to have Google shut the 2n listing down.

So not trying to throw rain on the parade, just warning you that may possibly not work long term.
Thanks, I appreciate that. If they go ahead with the new NAP and listings, what's your take on the best domain?

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