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Jun 6, 2018
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So guys, couple weeks ago I received an email from google stating my pcrepair business profile has been suspended with no reason why then I was sent another email linking to an Appeal form which I had filled out asking the reason why?

I explained to them that the only thing I can think of which might not be in line with their policies is having 2 different local businesses [pc repair and also consulting] profiles from the same physical address but I received an email the next day from a Senior Director who said:

Dear Sir,

The issue is related to your company name pcandnetservices application

Today,we received the registration application from Ran Investments Co.Ltd,they want to register the pcandnetservices brand name and some domain names. In order to avoid future conflict,we are obliged to confirm if the company is your company's associated company. And we need to verify whether you have approved the company to apply these names.

Waiting for your reply

I then replied to him and also tried to reply to the form advising them that I have no idea who what company is and I am in no way affiliated with this company. Not hearing from them after one week I sought out a guy who specializes in helping with removing suspensions. He showed me that I have 2 local business profiles with the same phone number and that is the issue so I have to use a different phone number for each of the 2 profiles.

My question is, should I do so then I will lose all of the many locations I had done for the pc repair business in the past, is this correct please and if yes, this means I will need to start all over again with local citations?
I believe Google does not want users to create multiple businesses with the same address and phone number. Each business should have its own address and phone number. They have an exception to this rule for a specific business category like: real estate, medical practitioner, and etc.

Regarding your local citation, if you have the logins for those citations, you can update that easily. IMO you should be more concerned about your suspended GBP instead of your local citations.
jvaquino's advice is right on the money. However, are you sure the email you quoted came from Google? It seems odd and like it might actually be a scam.
That is the very first thing which had crossed my mind especially since it came from a email address but then how would that guy about know the details of my appeal?
Yeah, that's definitely a scam. To get to the appeal form, did you click a link in an email they sent? If so, the appeal form wasn't real, which is how they got the info. It's probably been a scam from the start.
I'm not an expert in scams or anything, but I would be wary of any personal information you've given them.
As for your Google listing, definitely log directly into the dashboard and see what's going on there. In the future, check there first and be sure to use the official Google reinstatement form, don't trust links in emails.
Yes, I had used that form which again is why I am baffled as to why I had gotten the email from that director the next day if it was a scam?

Anyways, so google emailed me yesterday with this:


Thank you for contacting the Google Business Profile team.

We have reviewed your request and can not reinstate your Business Profile at this time, because your profile continues to be in violation of the Google Business Profile quality guidelines.

Your profile has activity from a previous manager/owner’s account that was suspended for violating guidelines.

In order to promote your business through Google Business Profile, we request you to create a new profile and complete the verification process. Please make sure all information on your page is in accordance with the Google Business Profile quality guidelines.

If you have any further questions please consult the Google Business Profile Help Center.


Google Business Profile Support

but when I look at the guidelines, I am not seeing a single thing in it which I might be violating. The problem I think with google is why don't they just simply point out what is wrong with the listing instead of people having to guess what the problem is?

Also, can anyone please explain to me what they mean by "lead generation companies"?

The following businesses are not eligible for a Business Profile:
  • Rental or for-sale properties such as vacation homes, model homes, or vacant apartments. Sales or leasing offices, however, are eligible for verification.
  • An ongoing service, class, or meeting at a location that you don't own or have the authority to represent.
  • Lead generation agents or companies.

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