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Sep 10, 2014
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I was referred to your site by savidge4 on and I have posted up 2 threads there that discussed in great detail. They are as follows

How do I Combat? "Why do I need a website? How Will it Bring Me More Business?" How do I Combat? "Why do I need a website? How Will it Bring Me More Business?"

How much to charge clients

I have been trying to start a web design business. But i was told not to sell websites, but sell marketing services and use the website as an added bonus.

Basically i want to provide low cost web design and marketing services to local businesses. Most of them are small businesses and wont want to spend a lot of money. Im new to the online marketing aspect. MY town has a private college with 2000-2500 on campus student and another 2000+ commuters. There is also a community college in my town as well with a whole bunch of commuters from the surrounding areas.

(I helped out a pizzeria with my 2 friends years ago by passing out flyers, word of mouth and going a lot outreach at the school and the 3 apartment complexes around the college. Businesses went down over time because the owner didn't keep up with marketing. Kids at the school get there degrees and then leave, so a lot of these businesses have temporary customers. Constant marketing is necessary).

And This is what i sent the site member that referred me to your site.

When I helped out that restaurant in the past, I didn't do online advertising I get your point. Im going to development my online presence. At the moment I have about 100 people from the school following my social media accounts. That's because my friend still goes there and lives in one of the party houses. People have followed me because they have seen me at his house and out at local businesses.I'm young, im 25 so developing my online presence isn't going to be that hard.

Im thinking about having my friend, his roommate, and one other person help me out with this. My friend and his roommate have almost 1,000 people between them from the school following them. I might just have them post up stuff for me as i develop my accounts. The other person i would ask has a lot of local people that follow him.

I forgot to mention a family member of mine works for our town. And the DPW and other workers have to sign in and get working orders and mail from cousins my building. So that's a lot of people that constantly looking for new places to eat and for the next deal on products and services.

Now that I think about it, I feel like i have a lot of people to market services to on behalf of clients.

Since i'm going to present myself to these businesses as an individual selling marketing and web development services do you have any recommendations on how i should setup the contract. services / payment terms?

Because lets say the person only wants me to build their site, get there social media setup, and setup google places, bing, and yahoo. Then they want to manage it themselves.And no social media/marketing campaign. So the only thing they would be paying for would be for the creation charge and for hosting.

Or lets say they want the above and would like to only try my social media/marketing campaign for a month or something. How do you think I should go about that. Cause I know not everyone is going to want a commitment on that.

Because im thinking of having the bill be broken into portions.

Web Presence Creation:
Social Media Creation
Web Design
Google Places, Bing, Yahoo
What price im charging and Requesting 50% upfront. And the Remaining 50% upon the completion of the above items.

Then there would be reoccurring charges for:
Marketing/Social Media Campaign & Web Hosting

Also since i work at a newspaper, should i also throw in some type of package that people could put adds in the Newspaper and the Newspapers website? Or is that going to defeat my purpose?

I know this is a lot of information but I was trying to give a quick thorough break down of things. Businesses want ways that are going to bring more clientele into their door or bring in more business. I'm just trying to figure that out at the moment. And using Google places and social is step in that direction. I just need some guidance if anyone is willing to help me. Im willing and able to learn and take advice.

Thank you for your time
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Thanks for sharing this!! I moved this thread to the "Consultants Corner" where we have all sorts of posts related to the topic of growing your business.

We have a lot of great minds that are active here so I'm sure you will get some great feedback.
Hi ario,

Sorry but for any of the time pressed volunteers here (including me) that's just too long and windy to really tackle. I think most of us dropped off after the 1st 2 paragraphs.

It's dead here weekends. So if I were you I'd wait til business hours Monday and post your one most important question. Try to get feedback on that, then ask another. But try to be more specific and break it up. Let's see if that works.

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