Jul 11, 2014
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I have a client who has recently dropped in local: (full-disclosure: he's still in the local pack, but significantly lower).

In all fairness, the KW's I'm targeting are related to "Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney" - despite his office being in Pasadena, CA (which is Los Angeles County, but technically a different city).

I also noticed that the Local Pack Results seem disconnected from the Organic results. For example, he's the #3 ranked attorney for a key term, but #7 in the local pack.

Here are some KW:
  • Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney: Organic - 3rd ranked attorney, Local - #5
  • Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer: Organic - 2nd ranked attorney, Local - #7 (this dropped 4 spots in 2 days)

However, you'll see that for "Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles" he's the 3rd ranked attorney for Organic, and the #3 ranked in the Local Pack.

All this assumes you're using Google Incognito and setting location to "Los Angeles, CA".

My real concern is whether there is an obvious problem that I'm overlooking that is causing the local to fluctuate and drop.


P.s. I use CallRail (which uses DNI), which is why the number is different than the one the GMB page.
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