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Nov 10, 2015
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I have content for guest posting but what will it happen if I post the same content on more different blogs (guest posting)?

Should I have new content for each guest posting? I am seaching for ways to make this works and best for my site when doing guest posting

thanks in advance
I agree with heckler about the authorship as a means to help.

But if you're creating one article and sending it out as a guest blog post to multiple blogs, aren't you just syndicating? And isn't that the same as spamming?
Not having a go at you, just asking the questions (maybe I've misunderstood the nature of your question). My questions framed as to how I believe Google would be "thinking".

Each guest blog post should be unique, for your protection and theirs. Any blog owner worth his or her salt should insist on original content that is tailored to his or her audience. That alone will alleviate the "need" for authorship, which officially is no longer supported in web search, but other folks in the know believe it may still be playing a ranking factor in the background somewhere or may even return.

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