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Oct 28, 2013
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I have a similar issue.

One of my clients has a Google + Business but there is 2 more Google pages (duplicates) which are not local.

I called Google but they wouldn't help me deleting theses duplicates. Also I have reported them as impersonating my business but they haven't help me.

Do you know another way I can remove this duplicates?

I would really appreciate it.


G+ Business:
Hi Juanna,

You posted in the middle of someone elses complicated help thread and replies to both of you would have gotten mixed up and thrown the other person's thread off topic because your issue is different.

So I moved to a new dedicated thread for you. Some members will be by to help you soon I hope or I will when I get time.

The latter two pages aren't duplicates. They look that way, but they're not "local" Google+ pages. They're not gumming up your local SEO. Personally, I wouldn't bother trying to remove them.
Phil is right. The only issue that those pages could lead to is when a user is searching for your business within G+ Search. They may navigate to the incorrect page. Not a big deal by any means, but something to consider.

G+ search.png

G+ search.png
The great thing about those pages is that they are not optimized. And are not appealing to the user. But I don't want people to be going to the incorrect page.

Do you guys know another way that I could request the deletion of this page?

I've tried a couple of times reaching out to Google also tried to report it as as impersonating my business. Should I just keep trying to reach Google Support?

Thank you all for all the answers.
Hi Juanna,

Normally it's not an imposter but the business owner that is responsible.

Check to see if they have any other Google accounts that have suspended dupes OR unverified Places listings.

Once Google upgraded to G+ those pages even though we would think they are just dead pages in the Google dash, end up creating what I refer to as "remnant" G+ pages.

See this post: http://localsearchforum.catalystema...2-found-bunch-duplicate-g-business-pages.html

If you can find those pages in someones Places dash, just delete from dash and the G+ pages will go bye-bye!
Justin - You just gave me a V8 moment! :p

I've never tried searching for phone on G+. Not sure why, but just never have tried it. :rolleyes:
@Linda: You just made my day! I actually got to doing that through another post you had made that was similar. I've also been typing into Google Search: "Joes Chinese Food and Donuts + Google +". I've actually found additional maps listings doing this. It just helps to get an overall understanding of what is going on.
Good stuff Justin. I have to admit it too, never thought about phone before.
I mean it could be a waste of time and lead you down the rabbit hole cuz many pages would not be G+ Local pages, so dupes and inconsistent NAP does not matter as much.

But like in the case above, could lead you to other names or whatever to do NAP and citation research for or give you clue about previous rebranding the client never mentioned or whatever.
Yes! What is happening with this client is that when you type Cruise Holiday of Portland the local or usual blended result is not appearing in the SERP results, and the only result from the Google Local page is in 3rd page, in the other hand my other clients appear in the first page with blended results when you type their business names.
So these duplicates are affecting the relevancy of my G+ Business page.

Also when you type I Google maps the business name, it appears the G+ Business with the old address not the current page. In order to appear the correct one you have to type the actual city location which should't be like that.


Thank you all for your responses.
No G+ Business pages, dupes or otherwise don't affect search results at all.

But name changes and moves are a rank killer.

When did this business move? Have they also changed names or used other names in the past 5 years?
Justin - You just gave me a V8 moment! :p

I've never tried searching for phone on G+. Not sure why but just never have tried it. :rolleyes:

Just had a V8 moment as Fantastic tip.

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