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Feb 6, 2016
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Ok, some sketchy things happening again on Google. I have a listing. Its fine and healthy. A random "Duplicate" shows up and now the primary listing - the one "we" - me and business owner "own" is somehow the one locked out and we are in the position of asking for access, which is then granted BUT w/ a caveat: the random that now owns it is some unknown sketch ball who allows us to be "Managers" of the listing but they are primary owners rendering us pretty limited in our ability to update the listing. Really sketchy. And so there doesn't seem to be a way to "reclaim it" - Google circles you back when you try to request admin privileges and just says 'you're already an owner of this listing'. What do we do to get our access back?
Try claiming it into another account, that has an email on the businesses domain. Once the primary owner rejects it, you will be able to request a postcard to get it verified in your account.
Thanks Colan. If anyone is working with BeyondMenu please be aware. This will happen. And they'll create random dummy websites to garner more deliveries as well. They did this w/ this Google listing - claiming it. We talked to them directly verifying this. Very aggressive behavior. But surprising Google 1. allows this - and 2. how does that even happen? They didn't verify through the business phone number or a postcard. This is now occurring with another client as well who uses a bigger name delivery / takeout service. Very suspect.

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