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May 11, 2013
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Is it possible to change what Google places in the editorial summaries of your maps listing?


In Google support it says: "Editorial summaries are short descriptions compiled by experienced editorial writers designed to give Google users a quick snapshot of popular businesses. These summaries are phrases or sentences (such as the example on the map above: ?Southwestern fare in a modern setting?), which you will often see when you click the business on Maps."

How would we go about making sure some phrases show up as opposed to others?
For those that aren't aware, Chris pulled that from this little known but helpful page in the help docs.

<a href="">Short business descriptions on Google</a>

Chris it's all algo driven, even if someone ends up writing it. The words used I think are pulled from Google reviews as well as 3rd party reviews, so you can't really control what everyone is saying about the business.

They won't correct if just not ideal - but if totally inaccurate you can request an edit with this troubleshooter:
Thanks Linda. I was thinking that was the issue. Your description of the how editorial summaries appears is clearer than Google's. Now I know what needs to be done.

Linda nailed it. I'd also add that Google seems to have a bias toward restaurants and hotels and the like (basically the sorts of businesses you'd see in the local carousel). I can't remember the last time I saw a contractor (for instance) with an editorial summary.

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