Mike Wilton

Sep 24, 2012
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Does anyone know of any examples of large companies that have branch offices that have done a decent job integrating local branch pages and content into their site to help build a local presence? Or, if not, does anyone have any examples/recommendations of other ways to go about building a local presence for branches of a large organization?


Oct 14, 2012
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Hi Mike,

I know of large companies that have NOT done a good job integrating local branches into their site, but unfortunately I don't have any good examples for you. With the franchise owners I've worked with, I find they often make big mistakes such as adding duplicate content on the site, poorly structuring linking, etc.

If they allow it, I would try to establish a web presence separate from the corporate site. Then just follow the great advice and ideas for local pages on this forum.

Hopefully others will be able to chime in with some good examples.

Sep 18, 2012
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Great question!

I agree, at this point I think you can see more poorly done than good strategies.

We have not had experience with franchises yet. Linda tackles this topic some in her training and I am sure if you do an indepth search here you'll find a wealth of info.


Apr 25, 2013
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Roto Rooter does it very well. Search "plumbing in St Louis MO" they are usually top 1-3 spots in the pack.

I work a lot in Home Care and Comfort Keepers does real well too all over the country.


May 23, 2013
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lawndoctor.com is a great example (when they're not getting penalized by algo changes). search "lawn care city" and it's likely you'll find them high on page 1.
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