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Jan 6, 2024
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Is adding affiliate marketing content to a local business website going to hurt local rankings?

I have a business that wants to use the website as another source of income by making commissions on affiliate sales. They're ranking locally high on the SERP but want to make content on products related to their industry and trade.

If they build the content in proper silos:
SILO #1 (ex: plumbing services Bangor, ME - with related supporting pages/posts interlinked properly)
SILO #2 (ex: best plumber tools to get work done faster - with related supporting pages/posts interlinked properly).

Will Google start thinking this not a local plumbing business, this is a plumbing tool review site?

Eventually, the majority of the content created will not target local traffic but affiliate traffic due to the volume of content affiliate SEO generally requires. However, will this mean Google will stop rewarding the site locally because there is less local content, or will keeping content in their silos act as buffers and not affect the overall domain?

In my opinion, I'm not sure why Google and users wouldn't want this - a plumber-professional reviewing the products. Sounds exactly like who you would want to read a review from.

Anyone every seen this done? Thoughts?
If you get less local expect to be seen as such over time accordingly yes, this is what users want, accuracy. Cheers and best of luck.

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