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Jun 28, 2012
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Here is my knowledge panel. Loving this update!


FYI that's not my active social G+ page. I have more than 51 Followers.
I have 5,775.

Anyway while I was down sleeping due to this 4+ week bout of bronchitis, Mike broke the news and he has lots more details and screenshots. So head over to take a look. I have not even had a chance to read it all yet. Just wanted to share the news.

Google Now Displaying Full Review Snippets in the Knowledge Panel | Understanding Google Places & Local Search

Off and on for the past few months Google has been showing reviews in the Knowledge panel for local searches. James Gibbons pointed out today that he was now seeing them more regularly. I would have to agree. This may be a more extensive test or it may be the new normal but many (not all) local listings with reviews are showing the snippets.

I have another small Google Review update I just got from Jade. Writing it up now but will start a new post with appropriate title, then will add the link here but it's unrelated to the above.

This is good news. I'm glad Google actually rolled this one out. After I first spotted the review snippets back in February, I didn't see them again for weeks.

Get well soon, Linda!
Oh and look who's doing Adwords on my brand.

The search is Catalyst eMarketing San Marcos Ca. And look who's bidding!


Happy about that? NOT! :mad:

The joke's on them: That is one crappy ad.
They may not be bidding on your name - the term eMarketing could be a broad match. Either way, Just like Phil said, it's a crappy ad.

On the news of reviews - thats good info. More great content in the LKG.

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It appears to me the reviews only show up if the business is part of your circle in one way or another? True?
Good point on the bidding. I'm sick and on drugs so wasn't thinking and don't really care.
I don't like seeing their name anywhere near my name! haha :p

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