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Jul 21, 2012
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Has anyone setup multiple location Facebook pages? I know you can request to have locations turned on for your Fb page but it migrates all the reviews, address and check ins to the new location page. I'm mainly concerned about NAPS and a new page being created and the NAPS transferring to this new page. Now Google will see multiple pages and one without any address.

I thought about creating a separate page under a separate profile but that gets messy from a usability issue.

How have you all addressed multiple facebook pages for multiple locations from a purely citation value perspective?

Thanks for any feedback.
It is possible to create multiple pages on facebook. But you should consider this: If you create multiple pages, then you have to spend a lot more time to update all the pages. Otherwise those pages will not get any visitor, or traffic.. Facebook values those pages which are active, and has an on going activity, this is how you get more out of your facebook brand page because it is the most active page.

If you have 2-3 locations, they that is okay, but if we are talking about 5-10 location pages, then it is just a dead end!

You still can use pictures and posts related to the locations and geo target them when posting an update in your facebook fan page. The other option would be using Foursquare and Pinterest.

I hope this would help,. :) --
I have read that it is good practice to set up individual pages for each location on Facebook, essentially mirroring what you would do in Google My Business, and that is the advice that I give. One problem is that if you don't set up separate pages, then if you get a "Check-in" you will find that Facebook will create the page for you. This is just like having an unclaimed GMB listing (i.e. does more harm than good). So if there is a danger of someone "checking in" then it is best to create the page so that they see your branding when they do.

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