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Feb 25, 2014
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Hi folks,

Seeing is someone is able to assit with being able to export Facebook Reviews.

From inside a business page, we can see the 5 latest reviews, or reviews by star ratings, but there's no way to see more than that (that I can find).

Does anyone have a way to export reviews from Facebook or a way to see all the reviews that have been left?

Hey Conor - There are at least two ways that I know of:

1) If it's for a WordPress website, there are a couple of plugins that claim to be able to do this

2) I use a tool called (they're a sponsor for this website) to gather reviews for clients, and it provides a pretty terrific way to do this on websites.

Does that help?
Thanks Tim,

Yeah, I'm actually trying to get a dump here for later use.

We use BrightLocal which pulls reviews through their software for reports etc, so similar to does.

The problem is that Brightlocal says there are 12 reviews. One of the Page Manager apps says 12 reviews, but if you look on Facebook it says there's only 11 reviews.

When you click to see the 11 reviews, Facebook only shows you 5 reviews (popular, or recommended, not sure of their display).

So, I was curious to see if someone had deleted a review (if that's even possible), or maybe someone had closed their Facebook account.

I have used the Facebook API via Excel for various tasks, but it doesn't appear to let you pull reviews.

So it's an odd one for me. Various systems showing 12, Facebook saying only 11, but only showing 5.

Just me being nosey to see who removed their review (if that was even possible).
While not pretty, it looks like this method will work.

Access via Incognito (or not logged into facebook),

This allows us to see the 11 reviews according to Facebook, and we can now compare against our review dump.

Thanks for letting me air out my process ;)
Thanks. Interesting to know about.

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