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Jun 28, 2012
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Everyone needs content. And we all know Google really likes it when you write content that answers relevant questions, right? Now not all of the consultants here generate content for clients. But I think most consultants probably outsource some content generation or at least encourage clients to write content and blog posts themselves.

What if your new client is in an industry that's new for you and you really don't know what topics prospects and customers would be interested in? OR what if the creative well dries up and you just can't think of another good topic for that next blog post?

What if your client says "I know I should blog more, but I don't know what to blog about?" Would it blow their mind if you gave them a spreadsheet of 200 common questions people ask about their product or service?

Enter FAQ Fox. I've had it on my to-do list to write about for awhile, but since it's not a new tool, I assumed many already knew about it. But judging by the reception I got, when I shared it with some pros in the thread below, it seems like lots of people have not discovered it yet.

Eric asked in this Consultant's Corner thread: <a href="">Understanding Target Audience</a>

When targeting in on a niche, what are your first steps to understanding their needs? Without understanding the true needs of the customer (potential customer), you can't develop a product strategy to meet those needs. If you can't do that, then you're just regurgitating the same information & services as the competing company down the street.

What good tips do you have to understanding the customers in the market?

My reply in part was: Find out what people are ASKING ABOUT with FAQ Fox.

Just enter your keyword, add target sites, or pick a related general category like automotive, medical or tech and it will scrape to find tons of questions people have actually asked on the topic.

Here is a small sampling of questions I pulled up when pretending I had a new Mold Remediation client and was looking for content ideas or blog topics to suit my fictitious client's needs.


Then you can review the questions on FAQ Fox or download an .csv by hitting ‘Download Spreadsheet’.

Now all the questions it pulls may not be appropriate... and you'll get some junk for sure, but you'll also get some great ideas to at least consider, send to your writer or run by your client.

Have fun FAQ Foxing!

Did you already know about this? If not, what do you think???

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LINDA!!! This is so so so amazing and really helps! Wow. I can't wait to share this with the team. Literally like you answered my prayers!
Thanks for sharing.

I am playing with it and already got some great questions to ask the client. Awesome tool!
This is great stuff. No longer do I have to use my scraper and pull RSS feeds.

Great find and share!
Wowza! This looks incredible Linda. Thanks for sharing.
Nothing happening for me but I think you need to zoom in and niche down with your requests. will keep you posted
Thanks, Linda! Looks great. Rarely do I come up dry on what clients should right, but I'm big into FAQs, and sometimes the best questions aren't obvious. Why reinvent the wheel?
Thanks everyone.

Ya Phil I can't see you ever coming up dry on what to write. :)

But ya especially I think when you have a client in a new market you aren't familiar with "sometimes the best questions aren't obvious".
All I ever get no matter what I type in is a 503 Error "something went wrong"

Guess it's too popular and somebody broke it!? Very neat idea. Always like the FAQ thing to spark ideas of what to write and answer questions better than currently rank.
Ya someone reported that in the Pro Community last night. Always worked for me til then.

Oh-oh. You local geeks are always breaking stuff! haha.
Or maybe I just sent too much traffic?
You should warn people before you feature their companies Linda - you probably did send too much traffic to them :)

But looks like they found another server or two, the site's up and running now (which could of course just be because it is getting close to Friday night in America!)

Edit - I take that back, it just broke again :(
What websites are y'all using in the "Enter sites to scrape..." field?
I was using initially, but tested a few different forums and it broke (503 error) every time for me. I was a little disappointed because I was trying to get screenshots together to write up a review on it. Kind of broke at a really bad time for me lol
Hey guys, I actually made FAQ Fox. Thanks for all the kind words on it.

Sorry for the downtime when you were trying it, doing updates + heavy usage can cause blackouts (it was also just shared on a couple other sites).

Thanks again for kind words and sorry for any issues during the 503 issue.
Hey Julian,

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by to let us know about the 503.
And thanks for making FAQfox.
Thanks for stopping by Julian!

Just tried FAQFox again and yep, no problems at all accessing it (from Australia). It really is a great way to generate ideas for content.
With this new version I'm coming out with it will completely solve the 503 issue, but I am able to always fix that error quickly for now.

Also I didn't know about this forum beforehand, I'll be hanging around. I do a lot of local search marketing too.

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